Onetouch Technologies Company Ltd. founded in 1988. We manufacture computer H-5 components and we have many customers around the world.

 We have a excellent executive team who keep innovation and sincerity in mind. The steady and constant growth of the company is the goal they eagerly pursuit. Now we are steadily growing and our profit is getting higher every year. We are confident and proud to announce that we are one of the excellent companies in Taiwan.

 Every our employee is precious to us. We provide comfort working circumstance and foreseeable, promising future for them. We sincerely welcome you to join us. The stocks of Onetouch Technologies Company Ltd. is to due to be listed in TSEC( Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation) in 2008.

 Employee's Welfares

Bonus Employees is granted to buy company's   System of Reward 1.Achievements'  Reward
  stock at lower price.     2. Reward of innovative proposal
        3.Professional training

Prize 1.Prize of the Year   Vacations 1.Yearly vacation
  2.Prize of the three conventional festival     2.Engagement vacation
  3.Prize of birthday     3.Maternity leave of husband

Insurance 1.Labor's Insurance
1.Cash gift of marriage
  2.Health Insurance
  2.Subsidies of giving birth

3.Subsidies of education

Relaxation 1.Domestic tours
  ※According to the Labors'  Basic Law:
the first Saturday of every month is working day, the other Saturdays are holidays. National holidays will be holidays as government ordered.
  2.Dinner party  
  3.Birthday party  


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