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 Basic questions for interview companies:

(1) What is your core competence? (R&D function or special technology?)
R&D is our company core competence. Our company founded in 1988 start in the field of touch panel. We are the first company to produce touch panel in Taiwan. Our first technology of touch panel comes from Japan. (Midori Mark Co.) We made touch panel from 4 wire resistive、5 wire resistive to Surface Capacitive and Surface Acoustic Wave. Our engineer designed the layout of all touch panels. We designed 5 wire resistive layout by ourselves and pass Taiwan & USA patent. We developed complete Surface Capacitive touchscreen on Dec. 2004, and mass produced on Feb. 2005. Our tough Capacitive touchscreens are very professional technical. We will announce the SAW touchscreens on next month. Our R&D group is not only proficient in touch sensor but also touch control card. We have 4W, 5W resistive control card, SAW control card will be announced on next month and surface capacitive control card is proceeding as planned. Our best advantage and character of the touch sensor and control card are total compatible for Elo or 3M.
(2) What is your product strategy or product road map in future?
The quality is our proudly. We emphasize the quality, complete products line and touchscreens total solution. We strengthen research and development ability. Our R&D group will develop and improve on new our products like SAW, Infrared Ray, Projection type, and NFI. At the same time we hope to research and develop a kind of better touchscreen in the near future
(3) What is your marketing strategy by area?
Continue strengthening and expanding Europe & East Europe first. Because relatively focus on quality in Europe. Onetouch, Elotouch & 3M are all outside brands. We believe that so long as we keep high-level on the quality of touchscreens, and sustain with the brand popularization of Onetouch. Try our best to expand the distributor and agent of Europe. We can get into the market in Europe. We plan besides CeBIT of March 2005, exhibition of expanding the group and visiting other relevant industries that we will participate in some economy and trade, in order to expand the business opportunity of Europe.
Southeast Asian respect continues promoting through the advertisement of Global Source. The American respect continues being continued popularizing by the American subsection.
(4) How do you think about mainland China market?
Mainland China is pieces of very heavy market, but price competition quite serious market too. Because a lot of the Mainland China’s touch manufacturers who are Taiwan traders and local established. In conformity with the market, our company will distinguish the products to sell through distributor. And will separately match its complete products to sell through the trader that combines system.
(5) Do you have production facilities in China? If yes, what are advantages?
No, there is not this plan at present.
We are absorbed in the production line of Taiwan. Though the production cost of Taiwan is relatively high, but we are in charge of accusing of the good rate of constant improving production and can produce through various kinds of inside. We have competitiveness of quite high advantage equally.
(6) Do you have any plan for Japanese market?
The Japanese market is the area, which we plan to expand of the current year. We plan to open the popularity of Onetouch through the relevant magazine, hope to find IPO in Taiwan of Japanese companies. We must let our catalogue, specification transfer to Japanese at present. Let Japanese find out about our products in order to an easy one. It could get into the Japanese market. Hope to open up the market of Japan through the special visit this time of Electronic Business Information magazine.
(7) How and what products do you promote in Japan?
The big size of 5 Wire Resistive,Surface Capacitive, Tough Surface Capacitive and Surface Acoustic Wave Touchscreens should be the main products of our company to strengthen entering the Japanese market at present. Japan is opening the ground of a lot of innovative products, especially in the game machine, the automatic equipment, ATM etc., Japanese companies use touchscreens on their equipments in a large amount. And what these are used mainly are 5 Wire Resistive, Surface Capacitive, Tough Surface Capacitive and Surface Acoustic Wave Touchscreens. The quality is our company’s proud, totally accord with the demands for Japanese's high quality most. So, we hope to make use of the market conditions magazines of some Japanese editions, network and exhibit ,etc. popularize the products of our company.

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