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 Onetouch firmly becomes one of Royal Philips Electronics' providers in Touchscreen product.


      This client and Onetouch had been passed for six-month efforts by complete technical support and stable product 

quality, finally signs the supply contract for 19" 5 Wire Resistive Touchscreens 5W1910N with Royal Philips Electronics in first quarter of 2006.  The estimative delivery quantity in first quarter will be 600 sets, the annual quantity will be 3000 sets. 


      The C.E.O. of Onetouch, Miss Evelyn Cheng,  represents that we sign the Royal Philips Electronics' supply contract with our customer in the Netherlands.  For Onetouch, it stands for that Onetouch's Touchscreen has the international strong competition because an international large manufacture already identifies Onetouch's products by stable quality.  Furthermore, it also represents that Onetouch has been forged ahead the provider field of internationalization and high quality products.  As per this supply contract, Onetouch mobilizes a several FAE engineers who do furnish very professional and immediate technical support service, so to assist our client to wrest this supply contract.  To Onetouch, it also represents that Onetouch is not only the Touchscreen manufactures but also can provide diversification services.  This already let Onetouch sales team concentrate their energy on wide promotion on Onetouch's products without trouble back at home. 


      Onetouch honestly and sincerely wishes that all of the selling partners are much more confident in Onetouch's products in this new year 2006, so to avoid chasing by the other competitors based on low price and unstable quality.  All the goal is to bring all of the selling partners much more benefits by the Touchscreen selling.  Onetouch does not only have the complete R&D Team (the improvement design of induction coil for 5 Wire Resistive Touch screen already obtain United States Patent: 6917358 dated July 12, 2005 that proves Onetouch has the independent ability of product development by no means of Touchscreen assembly factory), but also owns strong technical support so to help her clients develop and deal with any relative product lines about Touchscreen.  We wish we can support all of the selling partners to strengthen the product competition in early of 2006 and also expand the results of selling.