•Products & Touch Screen Industry•

  When Onetouch Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 1989, it was a company of capital of 5 million NT and three personnel. Now our capital is 31 million NT, and with 40 personnel. Our technique is what we are proud of. We put
more than 2% of our business volume into R&D. And we are proud to announce: we are the most profitable and growing touch-screen manufacturer in Taiwan. As competitors to us, Elo Touch and MicroTouch of USA always pay close attention to our new products when they are exhibited in CeBIT and Computex every year.

   Small size 4-wire resistive touch-screen has a low manufacturing threshold; therefore its profit is lower than other touch-screen products. With the advantage of technique we put our effort on developing large size touch-screen. Now we are proud to announce, we have the most comprehensive touch-screen products in the world. And the quality of our products is always endorsed by customers.
   Large size touch-screen is usually used on POS, engineering control computer system, medical care system and game machine. To manufacture large size touch-screen needs higher technique and brings more profits. Therefore we invest 2% of our business volume in R&D every year to develop new technique and produce high quality large size touch-screen. In 2004, subsidized by economic department of Taiwan, we collaborate with Industry Technique Research Institute to develop surface capacitive touch-screen. We are confident that our efforts will make our products much better.