•Summit of Business Plan•
  Meaning of Company's Title

  The title of Onetouch Technologies Co., Ltd is based on the perfect quality of touchscreens. It means the business “will become more and more prosperous day by day”.

  The History of Company

  Onetouch Technologies Co., Ltd is founded in February 1989. She is the first company of touch screen manufacturer (touch panel manufacturer) in Taiwan. In 1990, we imported the technique of Japanese company MIDORI, established our own factory, and began to mass-produce resistive touch-screen. In 1993, we produced a series of external attached touch-screen and sold them to the end-user. In 1997, we developed new manufacturing procedures, and began to produce glass-base touch-screen. In 1999, we developed and produced touch-screen controller which is compatible with controllers of Microtouch and Elo Touch. In 2000, we developed new manufacturing procedures of 5-wire touch-screen, and put it to mass production the very next year. In 2002, we designed new wiring on glass-base of 5-wire resistive touch-screen, then applied for patent, and ratified by Central Standard Bureau of Taiwan in September 2003. In the same year, we developed surface capacitive touch-screen, and put it to mass production in 2004. In the same year, we developed surface acoustic wave touch-screen and its controller, and put it to mass production in March 2005.
         Onetouch firmly becomes one of Royal Philips Electronics', NCR USA, Cybernet USA/Europe&MSI Taiwan providers in touch screen.
   With outstanding ability and diligence, our R&D team develops new and excellent products constantly. And therefore makes us the leading company of touch-screen manufacturing in Taiwan.

  The Ideal of Company

  To pursue excellence, innovation, development and providing thoughtful service is our goal.
   Excellence: We are very attentive to every manufacturing procedure to make sure our every product at the best condition when they are sold to customers. We are proud to ensure you: the products of Onetouch Technologies Co., Ltd are always trustworthy for you.
   Innovation: Onetouch Technologies Co., Ltd is a company which keeps on learning, improving and developing. We always pay attention to training our staffs, learning new technology and developing new techniques. Onetouch Technologies Co., Ltd is a company with eagerness to make progress. And it is a promising company also.
   Development: The R&D team of our company has outstanding ability in researching and developing new products. We also cooperate with research institutes in Taiwan to upgrade our R&D ability. After all efforts we have made, we have become one of the leading company in touch-screen industry.
   Thoughtful service: We think as customers think. All of our products are manufactured to satisfy the need of customers. To provide the best service to our customers immediately is our commitment.

  Scope of Sales Business

The scope of our sales business is all over the world, and is divided into five areas.
1. American area: includes USA, Canada, South America.
2. Europe.
3. South-east Asia: includes Thailand, Singapore, etc.
4. North-east Asia, New Zealand and Australia: includes Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia.
5. China and Russia.
6. Taiwan.

  Prospect of Company

(一)Of surface capacitive touch-screen: We have put it to mass production in December 2004.
(二)Of surface acoustic wave touch-screen: We have put it to mass production in February 2005.
(三)Now we manufacture and sell all kind of touch-screen, include resistive touch-screen, surface capacitive touch-screen and surface acoustic wave touch-screen. We hope we can make Onetouch Technologies Co., Ltd one of the largest manufacturer in the world before 2008.