This Return Procedure is available in PDF format

 Return Material Authorization Numbers (RMAs)
  • Before a purchaser ships a product back to Onetouch, the purchaser must obtain a valid RMA number. Boxes received without an authorized RMA Number will be shipped back.
  • Authorized RMA Numbers will expire 45 days after they are issued.
  • The RMA Number must appear on the outside of the carton(s) in BOLD print. Any product returned without a valid RMA Number will be returned to the sender.
  • Only the Onetouch product and quantity specified on the original RMA request can be returned with the RMA Number issued.
    • If returning additional products to Onetouch, a new RMA Number will be required.
    • If we receive a shipment containing products not authorized for return on that RMA Number, we will return them as is.
 Warranty Repair & Replacements
  • Onetouch warrants that the product is free from defects in material or workmanship under normal operation.
  • Any replacement parts furnished at no cost to the purchaser in fulfillment of this warranty are warranted only for the unexpired portion of the original warranty. Any services or repair outside the scope of this limited warranty shall be at Onetouch's rates and terms then in effect.
  • Normal "Wear and Tear" as determined by Onetouch, is NOT covered by this warranty.
  • After 30 days, standard products returned for in-warranty repair are NOT eligible for Warranty (Advanced) Replacement.
  • Custom products are Not eligible for Warranty Replacement
  • Onetouch does not provide loaner units.
  • Onetouch does not warrant the model life of monitors. Onetouch's suppliers may at any time make changes in the monitors delivered as products or components.
 Out-of-Warranty Repair Services
  • Warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to, physical damage, modifications to the product, or improper packaging.
  • If a touch monitor is out-of-warranty, Onetouch will evaluate it for a minimum charge per unit. Additional parts and labor charges may apply. Prior to proceeding with the repair of a product that is out-of-warranty, Onetouch will send the purchaser a cost proposal that must be signed for acceptance and returned.
  • Onetouch is under NO obligation to accept RMA's for wrongly ordered goods.
  • You must pay shipping to and from Onetouch for out of warranty work.
  • Onetouch recommends returning products by UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another reputable & Door to Door service forwarder.
  • Controllers MUST be returned in anti-static bags. If they are not, Onetouch will consider them damaged and ship them back to the sender, as is, with no credit issued or repair attempted.
  • To avoid voiding the warranty, use Onetouch or equivalent packaging to return a product. This includes complete packaging.
 Freight Payment
  • The customer prepays all inbound freight charges for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. Onetouch is not responsible for damage during shipment. We recommend that you insure the shipment.
  • Onetouch will pay for surface/ground return freight only.
  • An incorrect product shipped by Onetouch in error
 Freight Claims and Shipment Damage
  • If the purchaser receives the original product in damaged condition, notify Onetouch's Sales immediately. If the shipment was made by an Onetouch "prepay and add freight" service, Onetouch will help the purchaser process the damage claim.
  • If the original freight charges were paid in advance—by freight collect or other means—notify the carrier immediately to initiate a claims inspection. Onetouch Customer Service will provide assistance, as necessary, to process the freight claim.
  • If your returns/repair shipment to Onetouch is received in damaged condition, Onetouch will notify the purchaser. The purchaser will need to notify the carrier immediately to initiate a claims inspection..
  • If within 7 days of product receipt the purchaser notifies Onetouch that the product is defective or damaged we may waive the restocking fee. The restocking fee may also be waived for the following: