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Founded in 1988 as a manufacturer with the self-owned brand Onetouch and OEM/ODM services, we are a professional touch panel producer in Taiwan. Through 21-years of expertise in touch panel applications, Onetouch has earned global recognition and reputation.
Onetouch with ISO2001:2008 approved supplies to dominant buyers in Asia, America, Eurpoe, Australia, South Africa such as CTX, CIOCE, Midori, Hyunday, OMRON, Royal Philips Electronics, NCR & MSI. We have also received CE, TUV, UL and FCC approvals across all levels of production. Materials and components are sourced locally in Taiwan, resulting in increased production rates and quality refinement.

5 Wire Resistive Touch Panel

5 wire resistive touchscreen features unrivaled accuracy, reliability, superior light transmission, highest touchpoint density, touch input variety. Impervious to environmental conditions such as liquid splashes, contamination. The lifetime is up to 35 million finger touches, much better than 4 wire resistive touchscreen.
Surface Capacitive Touch Panel

Surface Capacitive touchscreen is the exceptional touch solution for applications that require fast and accurate touch performance. The ruling feature is limpid overcoat, which conspicuously strengthens the durability of the surface against scratches and attrition. It also provides endurable, accurate and sensitive response, contaminant-resistance to dirt.


4 Wire Resistive Touch Panel

4 wire resistive touchscreen is an outstanding high quality product, suitable for low cost solution and superior value.
It is inherently of many advantages containing exact and fast response, touch by any object, liquid resistance and contamination against.


Please install Adobe Flash Player Fire-Wire Resistive Multi-Touch Screen

Onetouch resistive multi-touch screen is manufactured under strict demand and circumspect care, so it is excellent with many advantages including durability, stability, contamination resistance and unrivaled linearity accuracy. Controller supports 2-point touches for Windows 7. Windows touch defines standard gesture of eight big classes including Panning、Press & tap、Press & hold、Select & drag、Rotation、Zoom in/out、Flicks & Two Finger tap.


Projected Capactive Touch Panel

Onetouch Projected Capactive technlolgy adopts single layer or multi-layer(patterned) ITO layer forms conduct / arranges and interlocks to detect the sensing element matrix.